Live In-Studio Performance

Written and Performed by Danielle Draper & Lindsey Twigg

peanutbutterjellybagelcreamcheese is Danielle Draper & Lindsey Twigg’s candid, comedic look at the internal dialogue of one woman’s journey through love and heartache, as told by the two hemispheres of her brain: the analytical, organized Left Brain (Draper), and the emotional, spastic Right Brain (Twigg).

This production was part of the SUMMER SHORTS SERIES in this year’s On The Verge Summer Theatre Fest.  This performance was recorded in the Theatrix Living Room Studio.

Hear Danielle Draper and Lindsey Twigg discuss their work with Anna and Maggie on the You Need a Helmet to Bust a Mutton episode of Theatrix.

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